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Yay, you found me !

I know, going to a new salon can be scary sometimes. You’re not sure what to expect and you’re not sure if this will be the right fit for you. I get it.


I want your experience with me to be different from any salon that you’ve experienced before. 


I want you to feel welcomed, wanted, heard, and cared for.


As busy professional women and moms, we often don’t prioritize self care, even though we probably agree that we need it. 


I’d like to help change that if I can.


Proper self care makes us better for ourselves, our families and our work. 


Happy wife (mom, busy professional woman) happy life, right?


I want to welcome you to, your new salon home!

BChic with Bayyinah is an intimate, boutique salon suite. It’s a carefully curated experience where busy professional women and Moms can just- BE…

be welcomed. be wanted. be heard and be cared for.


It’s so easy to feel guilty for taking time away from other important things to take a little “Me” time.


As a busy professional mom myself, we sometimes need permission to ad ourselves to “the to do list”.


Ok, let me help you. I give you permission to carve out a couple of hours of your day to help you to reset and to renew. 


You need it and you deserve it.


When we're together, It’s all about YOU! This is your time and I can’t wait to pamper you!


This is going to be our first time together and it really is about you.  All about your hair, what’s working and what’s not and helping you to unwind, relax and leave here not just looking amazing but feeling amazing too, from the inside out! 

You’re just 2 quick and easy steps away from your new home away from home.

First, Reserve your Experience!

Now you will be taken to my online scheduling system, Vagaro. That’s where you’ll create your profile, choose the services you’d like to receive, view my availability, and secure your appointment. 

After Reserving your Experience, it will take you to the New Client intake form.

I’d like to get to know a little about you, your lifestyle, your hair history, and your hair goals. I want to make sure that I can get as close to your dream hair as possible.

Omg, you’re almost at the finish line!

This last step is super important. 


Shortly after I receive your appointment request, I’ll reach out to you to say, “hello” and ask for a few things from you. 


In order for me to accept your appointment request, 

I’ll need to see where your hair is currently and where you’d like for it to be.


 I will ask you to text a front, side and back picture of your hair, along with 1–2 photos of inspiration to 



Once I receive those photos, if I have any other questions, I will reach out to you. If I have no further questions, I will confirm your appointment and see you soon!


Whewww!! That’s it! 


Now that the hard work is done, take a look at what your first visit with me will be like. 

(Psst, I can’t wait) 


1235 West Chestnut St.
Suite #271

Union, NJ 07083


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